How to Cancel Timeshare after Grace Period?

A timeshare can start to feel like a burden after a certain amount of time. With the surge in associated charges and ever-increasing maintenance fees, many timeshare owners are eager to get out of timeshare contract.

Canceling a timeshare contract is not easy. The proper legal term for “canceling” is rescission, as in rescission of a contract.

One might consider reselling their timeshare contract but doing so without falling victim to timeshare scams is difficult, and there is usually no market for timeshares. Other owners at your resort may be offering to give their timeshare away for free. You can do a Google search to see the amounts for which timeshares are being sold online.

Getting legal help from an attorney or timeshare lawyer might give you a chance to legally cancel your timeshare.

But is it possible to cancel your timeshare after Grace Period?     

After your grace period, you are probably wondering if you still have a chance to cancel your timeshare. It is possible to obtain cancellation if you were a victim of fraud during the sales presentation.

Do not fall for reselling companies that guarantee to get you out of timeshare contract.

After the rescission period, there are only two ways to cancel, or rescind your contract. One, negotiate a settlement with the resort. Two, if the resort won’t negotiate a settlement, go to court (or arbitration if you signed an arbitration provision) and obtain an order of rescission from the judge or the arbitrator.

You can contact an attorney experienced in Timeshare law and try to cancel your timeshare, if you feel like you were lied to during timeshare presentations.get