Top 22 Lies Frequently Told During Timeshare Sales Presentations

Timeshare Attorney points out the most common lies told during the timeshare sales presentation;

  1. A timeshare is a good investment.
  2. Your time is an investment that will increase in value.
  3. You can sell your timeshare if you don’t use it or don’t want it anymore.
  4. You can easily sell your timeshare and make a profit.
  5. Owning a timeshare is cheaper than paying for future vacations.
  6. You can rent your timeshare out to cover your maintenance fees.
  7. The resort will rent out your timeshare for you and you can make a profit.
  8. Your maintenance fees won’t increase, or they won’t go up very much.
  9. The sales presentation will only last 90 or 120 minutes.
  10. The resort will buy back your timeshare if you no longer want it.
  11. The resort will buy back your timeshare and you will make a profit.
  12. You can trade-in your old timeshare or travel club membership for this new and improved timeshare.
  13. If you buy a timeshare, it’s easy to make a reservation and you can stay there whenever you want.
  14. If you buy our timeshare, you can travel anywhere in the world whenever you want.
  15. It’s just an owner’s update meeting.
  16. A timeshare is a tax write off.
  17. You’ll be able to refinance your purchase later at a lower rate of interest.
  18. This presidential suite on the ground floor is the type of unit in which you will be staying if you buy this timeshare.
  19. We don’t rent units to non-owners or members of the public.
  20. Your family members can use your timeshare for free.
  21. Today is the only day when you can get this great price.
  22. If you get sick or have financial hardships, we will let you out of your timeshare contract.

If you were told any of these things, and they proved to be untrue, you may wish to contact an experienced timeshare attorney for a free consultation to see if you are entitled to cancel or rescind your timeshare contract, and/or to try to recover damages.

“The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based upon advertising alone.”